I am The Ninja 2

I am The Ninja 2 is extremely addictive action game. Follow the instructions of master to complete levels easily. There are all 15 levels and completing all of them will cause unlocking the endless mode.

When playing this game you need to avoid lots of different kind of obstacles such as spikes, saws, thunders and rotating axes. Collect stars and track your deaths.

How to Play I am The Ninja 2

Swipe left to stop
Swipe right to rush
Swipe down to slide
Swipe up to jump


Arrow Keys/Mouse

Tips and Tricks

If you die too many times in one place, firstly stop and look close to find the way out.
You can’t go backward.
You can turn the music on/off.


I am The Ninja 2 is developed by kiz10&TapTap.

I am The Ninja 2 Walkthrough